Leading Finnish seed potato enterprise

The Finnish Seed Potato Centre Ltd (SPK) is a leading Finnish company specialising in the production of seed potato. We make sure that potato producers always have dependable and vital quality seed potato of guaranteed variety available.

The SPK is renowned for not only its quality but expertise in different varieties. We produce over thirty different potato varieties for different purposes. We have thorough knowledge of our varieties and help you to choose exactly the right one for your purposes, targets and situation.

Our enterprise ownership is fully Finnish. Our customers include individual potato producers, farmers' affiliations, variety representatives as well as contract producers from the potato industry in different parts of Finland. Our annual potato production is approximately 13 million kilos. The proportion of seed potato is 7-7.5 million kilos.

Innovation and pioneering are important to us. This is why we carry out continuous research and development work in collaboration with universities and research institutions, among others. We want to maintain our top position in the sector and offer our customers constantly improving products and services