Nearly 40 years experience

The SPK was established in 1976 and has nearly 40 years experience in the field. From the start, our goal has been to guarantee high quality seed potato for Finnish potato producers. And our goal in the future is to be the Finnish leader in the entire seed potato production chain.

The SPK initially operated as a public body for the first twenty years in connection with the Finnish Agricultural Economics Research Institute. From the start of 1996, the SPK became an independent public business undertaker. It began operating in its current form as a limited company in 2002.

All owners of our enterprise are Finnish. Our major shareholder is H.G. Vilper, a company established by contract breeders, with a 51% share. The government's share is 22%, the Finnish potato industry owns 17% and MTT Agrifood Research Finland 10%.

Our 2011 turnover was approximately 4.2 million euros and net profit approximately 0.3 million euros. We employ just over 10 people directly and have a total of 25–30 contract breeders.

Production in the High Grade Region

Our premises are in Tyrnävä, a municipality renowned for its high-quality plant production. Our main production area comprises the municipalities of Tyrnävä and Liminka. It is located in the High Grade Region, recognised by the European Union as a high-quality seed potato production region. We also produce seed potato on carefully selected contract farms around Finland.

The special characteristic of our main production area is its excellent suitability for the production of high-quality seed potato. The smooth sandy soils are clean from all harmful phytopathogens for potato. The area also has a low risk of other potato diseases. The proximity of the sea and quickly warming soil types extend the growing season and provide protection from frost. The growing season here is almost as long as in the region of Tampere.